• Custom Cupcake Wrappers

    The message has a limit of 13 characters including space/s, numbers & other special characters.

    Personalized your cupcake wrappers with the celebrant's name, company/organization's name or any messages. 
    Sold per pack and each pack has 12pcs of custom cupcake wrappers. 

    This custom cupcake wrapper has a limit of 13 characters including space/s or any special characters
    This custom cupcake wrappers is only available for regular size cupcakes.
    In both ends of the text design will be our signature swirl.
    You must complete the required information when placing this order. 
    Picture 3 - shows the font options 
    Picture 4 - shows the color options
    We require 1-3 business days for processing custom items. 

    Due to copyright concerns, we don't provide templates nor picture of the design template we created. This is not incorporated in the price posted in this listing.
    Custom Order is considered as final sale, so make sure to check all the details before finalizing your order.