• Patina Green 30th Birthday Quotes Cupcake Toppers


    These cupcake toppers are fun, elegant and interesting details in your 30th birthday party. Guests will surely enjoy reading these quotes/messages. 

    • Made up of 3 layers of quality paper
    • Each cupcake topper has the following dimension; 1.7" wide, 2.7" long with 2" long skewer 
    • Each pack has 12pcs of flags with 6 different quotes/messages 
    6 Different Quotes/Messages;
    • Say goodbye to your 20s, you'll never see them again 
    • Thirty is 3 perfect tens 
    • You're 29.95 plus tax 
    • You're 18 with 12 years of experience 
    • Life doesn't begin at 30, it begins to show 
    • Thirty years loved 


    • Check other available colors here
    • If you're planning of simple celebration with family & friends in a restaurant, have your waiter put these flag toppers in entree.